We attract visitors and exhibitors
to events all over the world

Who Are We?

expolinkglobal.com  is an exhibition platform in the new internet ecosystem, which gathers exhibition information from all over the country, provides tickets and exhibition spaces for various exhibitions, and provides convenient and accurate exhibition information for exhibitors and visitors. It enables organizers to empower their exhibitions, simplifies the process of participating and attending exhibitions, and continuously improves the experience of exhibitors and visitors!

Service Objects


Through the massive amount of data on our website, we search for exhibition space information for various industries across the country for you, helping you quickly match exhibition space information and improve exhibition efficiency.

Professional Buyers

Through the personalized recommendation mechanism of our website, we provide professional buyers with a vast amount of exhibition information and provide a fast ticket booking channel, allowing you to quickly find your intended exhibitions.


By connecting exhibition information with interested individuals (buyers and exhibitors), the Zhandaren platform can provide exhibition organizers with channels for attracting exhibitors and visitors.

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